Finishing Up in Quebec

It’s time to complete blogging about our Canada trip from way back in October 2016 before another trip comes and I’m even more behind than ever. I tell you, it truly is easier to blog while in the moment. As soon as I’m home again I have more things to distract me and blogging takes a back burner.

During the last week in Quebec, we spent one very wet and rainy day at the Les Galeries de la Capitale.  It is a huge mall, complete with an indoor amusement park and a hockey rink. Natasha and I rode the roller coaster, which goes all around the upper level, and Natasha also rode the carousel and climbed around in the obstacle course climbing section. It’s really a great thing to have when winters are so long up north and you can’t do outside playgrounds very easily. It’s such an ingenious idea.

We also admired the chocolates, but eventually had some sushi and gelato, before wandering around in the bookstore. Most everything was in French, but that’s okay. Bookstores are always lovely.18-323



I have one more post coming with pictures of the Old City in Quebec, and I think you’ll like the conclusion of our time in Canada. :)


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