24-ish Hours in Oslo: First Up, Coffee


Despite some of us not getting much rest during the night due to jet lag, we woke ready to tackle the day and first on our list to find was: Coffee. I just happened to read about Tim Wendelboe coffee on this blogpost and fortunately it wasn’t that far of a walk from our AirBnB apartment. It turned out to have the best coffee to date, from our travels in Norway and Sweden with the girls. No wonder; Tim Wendelboe has won numerous awards, including World Barista Champion in 2004. He was there at the shop when we stopped in this particular morning and our visit there was a highlight of our time in Oslo.


Natasha requested her own cup of something, and Daniel ordered a cold brew coffee for her and me. It came in wine glasses. Just how classy is that?




Photo by: LynnRaine


We were joking that we girls would want to do some shopping at some point because we like to take something home from the places we visit. Daniel said that buying stuff isn’t typically what he thinks of doing, however, after he purchased some coffee, he said, “Okay, I guess I do buy coffee.”


The view from Tim Wendelboe’s Espresso Bar doorway

The next stop was for SIM cards at MyCall for those who wanted one. They are fairly reasonable here and makes communication between parties much easier when WiFi isn’t available. Turns out though that WiFi was fairly easy to find; almost every coffee shop, restaurant, mall, etc… seems to have a guest network.



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