24-ish Hours in Oslo: The Fortress


Akershus Fortress was our next destination since we were now powered up with caffeine. It’s a good thing too, since all fortresses seem to be built on a hill. Hmm…


Photo by Melody


Photo by Melody


There are guards who take their job pretty seriously, and in the case below, stared down at the youngster on the hillside until the trespasser climbed down the forbidden hill. 17-IMG_5501

We got our first group photo here. From left to right: Lyn, Melody, Maria (or Mia, as she is commonly known these days), me and half of Lincoln, Natasha and Daniel.






Where did she learn to pose like this? #dramatic



Photo by Natasha

Turns out we girls (and Lincoln) sat here an unnecessary length of time waiting on Daniel who was researching where to have lunch, when he simply wasn’t sure where we were. Ah well, Lincoln amused the other visitors with his cheesy grins.






From here we headed to a kebab restaurant, one of the more cheaper options for eating out in Norway. Food is always a very good idea.


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