To the Seaside on a Sunday


It was a quiet Sunday morning in Sweden, that found us relaxing, giving children baths, lingering over breakfast and lunch and planning a walk for the afternoon.

What a walk it turned out to be. Not far from our AirBnB house we happily ambled over rocks with wild Heather, meadows with sheep grazing in the distance and the anticipation of the sea ahead.



I had no idea I would find Heather in Sweden, growing out and about on our walk. It will always make me think of the song, “The Heather on the Hill” from the 1954 musical, “Brigadoon”, sung by Gene Kelly.


After several days of travel and city sight-seeing, green grass, wind, sunshine and water was just what we needed. I felt like all the city grime just washed away and my soul was revived.2-024




Part of the reason I particularly loved this little seaside visit was…no sand. It’s just not my cup of tea and this was ideal. We watched the wind-surfers, got our toes wet in the North Sea and generally admired the view.






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