And Off We Go

August 2, 2017. Chicago > Dublin > Oslo, Norway.

That was our flight itinerary to begin our trip to Scandinavia. We left home with our fellow travelers, Lynette, Melody and Maria, who have each been with us in another country (or two) previously before. Lyn and Melody were with us in Panama and Maria came with us to Europe the first time and then visited us in New Zealand. It’s so fun having all three of them together with us for another adventure. The three of them had a different flight than us, so we dropped them off in Chicago to wander around a bit while we caught our flight and the plan was to meet up again together in Norway the next day.
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This was just before Lincoln did that classic little child face-plant against the glass.

Daniel arranged for us to fly business class with points, and that always makes me feel rather privileged. Beds that lie flat on a 7+ hour flight are not something I take for granted. They are very convenient when you have the seat to yourself, but when you’re sharing that seat with a year old baby, they’re even nicer for sleeping. Tray tables and food are a little tricky, but we managed fine.

Still. Traveling is very tiring. Natasha started out the day complaining of a sore throat and acted like she was nervous about flying or something. Not how any family wants to start an overseas trip, but it can’t be helped sometimes. The Dublin lounge provided some extra sleep time for her while I walked with a sleepy Lincoln and snapped pictures.


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The first thing I noticed about the Oslo airport was the wooden floors. And a moss covered wall. Very nice touch Norway.

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The girls were about an hour behind us, so we waited at the play area and as soon as they joined us and train tickets were procured, we made our way to our AirBnB apartment. It was a welcome relief for our weary bodies; a place to unload our heavy packs and release small children. And sleep. Ahhh…


More to come, albeit slowly, as we’re still in travel and touring mode (note, not tourist mode). We’ve been sight-seeing in Norway and Sweden for the past 2ish weeks and soon the girls will head back to the States while us 4 as a family head to Denmark. I’m looking forward to more down-time in our Denmark home where we will be for a fair amount of time.


And Off We Go

Another early morning for us, as we caught our flight from Auckland to Sydney October 28th.34-081


This was truly saying goodbye to New Zealand.




To ease the sadness, Daniel and I had a Kiwi snack while en route. Natasha was never real keen on these little crackers, and she was sleeping anyway. (Enter cues of the Hallelujah chorus.) So we literally ate them all.


Post Script: When posting this, I found an overlooked post from our last few days back in Nelson. So I posted it back chronologically where it fits in the story. You can find it here, or just scroll down and see it in between a couple previous posts.