What’s Been Going on in Our Lives

This past winter held a rather exciting event for us:


It kind of happened quickly in the sense that we didn’t spend months and months looking for the right house, although we had been talking about it for quite some time. This one is on a couple acres of slightly rolling land with a grand yard, an attached garage (which is very handy in our northern winters), and an open kitchen-dining room-living room layout which we love.

The other thing I love is that it’s ours to paint and do with what we like. So paint I did, with help of family and friends. The master bedroom is shown here in the original color:


And this is the dining room, mostly finished with newly painted white walls. Both rooms were the same purple color as above. It was SO nice to have both painted before we moved in.


Natasha even helped do some touch up painting in her room with paint we found in the basement.019-001

Moving day was exactly three weeks ago and what a day indeed. It is a lot of work, lest anyone think differently. But we had help and it went very smoothly.775


We are now settling in and making new memories in our new home. Natasha loved helping unpack easier items…mostly because she could stand on the step-stool. 033



Along with having a new house, spring and summer make me so excited. Especially as we anticipate the arrival of our new little one in June. :)  1-011

Happy slightly late Easter everyone!


It has been way too long since I’ve done a proper update. But I’m here to announce, this is the completion of our New Zealand trip last year, and I’m finally bringing it to a close with the last stop on our journey home in early November, 2014.

We flew from Seoul, Korea to Las Angeles and from there quickly got a rental car and headed up US 1 to visit my cousins for a couple days in San Louis Obispo. We were flying the rest of the way home out of San Francisco, so it was a nice little stop along the way and we got to see the western coast of the United States for the first time. I have a funny feeling we would have been more impressed if we hadn’t just come from the western coast of New Zealand. I thought they looked very similar.

Natasha was a little leery of playing with boys, but it turned out that she rather liked her cousins, and they got along fine.






We were hardly in San Francisco, but it wasn’t to be an extensive touring time. I wanted to see a hilly street, and the bridge, and that was all. We will return another time to experience more.




(Photo credit to then-4-year old Natasha. I thought she did pretty good.)

And that, is a wrap. We flew home and happily entered a cleaner house than when we left, and a cupboard full of sweet potatoes and an overflowing platter of fresh fruit. (Thanks to Daniel’s family who knows us pretty well.)

We are now getting ready for another visit to Europe with Daniel’s two younger brothers and a friend. That makes us a party of 6, and Natasha and I will be the only girls. I didn’t grow up with brothers, but it’s a lot of fun having brother-in-laws and more guys around. I might even be slightly more excited about traveling with them than seeing the new places on our itinerary. It is such fun to share flying, public transportation, and new cultures with people who haven’t traveled much. I think it actually helps me appreciate the places we visit more because they are seeing it all with completely new eyes and it becomes new to me as well.

p.s. I did say that a review of the Asiana Airlines lounge would be the next post, but…we had a change of plans. I think I have already emphasized how much we enjoy flying business class when points allow us, and didn’t think we should rub it in anymore. ;)

{Photo editing credit:  Amos Haley}

It’s A Parade Type of Holiday

There’s something about an American parade that makes me all nostalgic. I love the anticipation of quickly walking down the sidewalk to reach main street before the first police car, which means the parade has officially begun. The distant bass drums from the bands makes you hurry all the more. Then, the waving begins. Waving at people you don’t know, and have never seen before just because it’s fun to do. Of course, the candy is a big part of a parade. Silly, but true. I always get this funny flutter inside, thinking back to how nervous I would get as a child when my Mom would urge me to dash out to get that one candy piece that didn’t reach the curb, but was about to be smashed by the next antique car if someone didn’t grab it. (No worries, it was always during one of those long gaps that come every once in a while during a parade.) There are always huge semis, ball teams, dance corps, antique tractors by the dozen, clowns and someone running for something in the next upcoming election. It’s so American and I love it.

So here’s a few pictures from our 4th of July Parade in a typical midwest little town. Parades are even more fun with a little child. For Natasha, who couldn’t even quite remember what a parade was, it was even double the fun.


Her favorite part were the royalty floats with various fair princesses and court. She just soaked it all up.


She waved to almost everyone, whether they were waving to her or not.


And covered her ears at the overbearing and excessively loud fire engines.


She collected the candy thrown to her, and wore the two necklaces that came flying through the air to her feet. We did however, leave that pile of candy on the curb and limited our take-home-loot to 2 pieces. Makes us sound like horrible parents, doesn’t it?! She was happy as a clam though, and trust me: Two pieces of Starbursts made her plenty hyper for the rest of the day and that was plenty for me.