We’re in the States: 

Home is a little town in the Midwest. We just bought our own home in January 2016 and are really enjoying having our very own space.

Daniel started his own online business selling lighting products back in 2012. Since he works online, he don’t need to be near home, so we’re free to travel as we like if time and finances allow. In his spare time he likes to mountain bike and read.

I love taking time to be creative and it usually is in the form of sewing when at home in the States, or knitting when we’re traveling. I’m loving these days with two little ones at home, although there are certainly hard moments. I won’t deny that. But God is good and gives strength to my weaknesses.

Natasha is an inquisitive, active, 6 year old. She is fascinated with animals of all kinds, dragons, and coloring or drawing. She is an avid reader and loves to learn new things.

Lincoln is our new little one, born June 2016. He spends his time looking very serious and skeptically surveying the world around him, or smiling with great glee at our crazy antics to see those baby smiles.

So thanks for stopping by!

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