In Which We Pick Apples

There’s an island about 20 min. from Old Québec City, across the Lawrence River, called, “Île d’Orléans”. It is an agricultural land with fertile soil and lots of strawberry fields, apple orchards, farmers’ stands, dairy farms, alfalfa fields, vineyards and quaint 18th century style houses. There is only one bridge across the river to the island and one main road all the way around. We were advised to go during the week rather than the weekend since the bridge can get very backed up with traffic. It worked out perfectly and there weren’t any traffic jams on this past Wednesday afternoon.

We were in search of apples to pick ourselves, as well as some cider. Both hard and fresh. In a travel brochure Daniel read about iced ciders available at Verger Joe Giguère, so it was the one we stopped at. First we visited the cider tasting shop, and then went out to pick our apples.


I have to admit, Daniel did most of the picking. Natasha helped some, but really just wanted to skip and prance around the orchard. Meanwhile, I was tending to a slightly hungry baby, playing photographer and holding (and tasting) Natasha’s apple when she wasn’t munching on it.


This particular orchard sold out of their fresh cider over the weekend so we went in search of some at other locations while the kiddos slept and I admired the houses and barns of the island.


Canada does fall very well indeed.


He’s New Here

He’ll be 4 weeks old this Thursday, but he still seems new, and we’re so glad he’s here.

Let me introduce to you, Lincoln Daniel, who was born June 2nd, 2016.





Exploring El Valle part 3

Can you believe, I’m still trying to finish up our Panama adventure? This is getting really strung out, and I’m ready to be done! So, here’s the last of El Valle. We spent one day just touring on foot and seeing the area some.


Fun gates:



Colorful wall murals:



This is the outside of our host’s home, as seen from the road. Our little apartment was in back. But we were able to go up to that upper floor to relax.


The view from above!


And…our apartment in the back.

Edited to add: For some reason I’ve neglected to get a link directly to our apartment! It’s called Casa Mariposa. Ursula, our hostess is originally from Switzerland, (thus, the Swiss flag!) and her husband is Colombian. They were ever so nice…  :) I highly recommend a stay there if you’re ever in the area.


Inside, we caught up with some internet stuff, relaxed in the hammocks some, and let it rain outside. The rainy winter season was just starting and it poured while we were chilling up here. 




After the storm…





Moving right along now… This was the last full day in Panama. *sniff sniff*

Early Birthday Celebration

It’s birthday month around here! Daniel’s Grandpa had a birthday the 12th, and Natasha was born one day before my Grandma’s birthday! We couldn’t be two places at once, so we missed the family gathering for Grandpa Bob, but we did have a little early party for Grandma and Natasha with my family this past weekend.

This was her first decorated cake! Please tell me you can tell it’s a panda. :)



So, she will be 3 on the 21st…



And Grandma will be 90 on the 22nd!!! Yes, I said 90!



The age difference is noticeable, but precious. It’s easy to see similarities though. They each need help doing basic daily things, and each one is headstrong and wants to be independent. But, one is nearing the end of life, while the other has her whole life ahead. May God bless the moments ahead, however long, for each one. It can be rather sobering…so we’re treasuring all the memories and times we share.

Happy Birthday my dear daughter, and my dear Grandma. We love you!